Volunteer Availability

To help the BMT manage the workload demands, particularly on days of high fire danger, Gisborne CFA has this online system to allow you to keep an up to date record of when you’ll be available and for what types of duty you’re available for.
It’s a simple system that allows you to enter your availability for up to four weeks in advance. Please take care to maintain the information you enter for the future, as crewing decisions are made using the information YOU enter into the system. It’s most important that if your availability changes, you change the system right away.Once you log in, you’ll see the schedule windowThis has everyone’s names down the left hand side, days for the current month across the top, and a grid to indicate what people can do. today is shown by a different background – pink in the image above.

To enter new availability, just click ONCE on the day of the month you want to enter against your name. This will then pop up

Work your way down through the form. Make sure that you are entering the availability for the right person!

There are four types of availability:

You can only enter your availability for one type of crew at a time. If you want to register yourself as available for both long haul and short haul, just go back to the grid you started from, and click in the same grid square BUT NOT ON the coloured part that indicates the currently entered availability. You can have up to four different availabilities per day i.e. all of them. Long haul automatically allocates four days.

You’re also asked to indicate your status to turn out

This is used to help allocate you to a team.

To delete an availability, click on the coloured square you want to delete, and there is a delete button down on the lower right corner.


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