Summer Fire Safety

Prepare your Property

Mature trees

Mature trees can help shield against radiant heat and embers. They must be strategically located and well managed.

Remove Flammables

Remove flammable items from decks and verandahs, such as boxes, furniture and doormats.

Keep grass short

Keep grass cut to less than 10cm. Fire can ignite and travel quickly through long grass.


Keep woodpiles away from the house. Stray fire embers can easily ignite woodpiles.

Store Flammables

Store flammable liquids away from house. Where possible, store in flame proof containers. 

Leaves and Twigs

Get rid of dry grass, leaves, twigs and loose bark.

Prune shrubs

Prune lower branches of shrubs to separate from surface fuels underneath.
Prune shrubs well away from branches of mature trees

Cut back branches

Cut back overhanging tree branches close to property – no branches in 10m space.

Garden beds

Do not have large shrubs next to or under windows.

Pebbles and rocks

Use pebbles and rocks in your garden (not flammable mulch).

Roof gutters

Keep gutters and roof areas clear of leaf litter.