Know what to do before and during a fire

CFA has a wealth of resources to help you understand your fire risk and know what to do before and during a fire.
This section discusses the importance of leaving early, and how a well thought out bushfire survival plan can help you if you live or holiday in high-risk bushfire areas of Victoria.

You don’t have to live near bush to be at risk of fire. Grassfire can be just as dangerous as bushfire; know what to do if you live close to grass in a rural area or where the suburbs meet grasslands.

Your Guide to Survival
Essential information for Victorians and tourists so they are prepared for summer fire season.

Leave early
People die during bushfires trying to leave their homes at the last minute – plan to leave early.

Your Bushfire Plan
An introduction to your Bushfire Survival Plan – why you should leave early, and why a written and well-practised plan is so important.

Fire Ready Kit
The Fire Ready Kit has been designed to help you understand your risk, prepare your property and develop a bushfire plan.

Pets and bushfires
You need to plan and prepare for your pets’ safety as well as your own.

Back up plans
Fires are unpredictable and plans can fail. Having a back-up plan that identifies your shelter or last resort options may save your life if you are caught in a fire.

Defending your property
Defending your home from fire is risky – you could be seriously injured, suffer psychological trauma or die. The safest option is to be well away from the threat.