In vehicle camera guidelines and use

In vehicle video cameras have been installed in to Gisborne Tanker 1 and Pumper as a means to collect video of brigade training and emergency responses. The video footage can be utilised for brigade training, media releases and even for fire and police investigations. The video cameras will not automatically turn on, the crew leader in conjunction with the crew will determine whether to record video. It is important that understand that recorded video from emergency responses is privileged information and thus must be treated with respect and above all empathy for the members of the public who may be impacted by the emergency

All camera footage will be controlled by the Communications Officer, if the Comms officer decides footage can be useful for training or media he/she will have it ratified by the BMT before release. Any other footage deemed not appropriate for any of the above  uses  will be deleted immediately. A brigade member can request to view footage at anytime, requests will be granted based on valid reasons for viewing.

The cameras are not to be removed from the vehicles without permission from a member of the BMT.

SD cards are only to be removed by the nominated member. 

The cameras will not automatically start recording when the vehicle is turned on. It is up to the crew leaders discretion to record the turn out. All crew are encouraged to record turn outs to fire and incidents knowing strict guidelines are in place for the use of ant footage recorded.

To start recording simply press the top left hand on button, this will turn on device and will start recording. There is no need to turn off after use as it will switch off when vehicle is turned off.

The cameras can record up to 5 hours of high definition footage and will automatically record over old footage once SD card is full. After a job if the Crew leader feels the camera has recorded valuable footage  please contact the Comms Officer ASAP.