Do you feel you could make a contribution to your community, do you like to make new friends, learn new skills and be a part of  a great team?

Many people in our community can offer a wide variety of skills and interests and you may be able to offer your time as a firefighter or non-operational support member.
Non-operational members of the CFA are vital in  day to day support and administration of the brigade. Non-operational support members may also be utilised in incident control centers, assisting incident controllers with administration tasks.

To become an operational volunteer CFA fire fighter, you are required to undertake a minimum skills basic firefighting course called bushfire firefighter course, designed to give you a working knowledge of firefighting skills. This course takes approximately 3 months before qualifying you to attend emergency callouts. Typically this course runs twice a year and members are required to attend 1 week night per week, with some full weekend training as well.

Our volunteer firefighters undertake:
  • Firefighting
  • Brigade admin
  • Community education
  • Fundraising
  • Community safety programs
  • Training co-ordination
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Media & public relations

After you establish contact with us, you will be emailed an information and application pack. Once we have received your application, it will be reviewed and you may be invited to an interview. From this stage you will need to complete a further application to the CFA and attend at least 3 meetings before the brigade will vote to accept you as a member of the brigade.

For further information please email:
Or call 1800 677 813 (Free Call)