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Change your clock, change your smoke alarm battery

Change your clock, change your smoke alarm battery

Smoke alarms save lives

With the end of daylight savings fast approaching, it’s important to talk about our household smoke alarms. On average, there are 3,000 house fires in Victoria each year, many of which could end in tragedy without working smoke alarms.

CFA is partnering once again with Bunnings to raise awareness of smoke alarms and home fire safety. All Victorian Bunnings stores will have a smoke alarm and home fire safety display in store from Monday 27 March to Sunday 2 April.

This year, daylight savings will end on Sunday 2nd April, and the fire fighters at the Gisborne CFA want to make sure that all of our locals have working smoke alarms. The message to remember is “Change your clocks; Change your smoke alarm batteries”. 9V smoke alarm batteries cost approximately $6.00 each, which isn’t a lot of money for something that could save your life.

We encourage locals to help their elderly family, friends and neighbours to test their smoke alarms each month. Remember… only working smoke alarms save lives!

Follow the Gisborne CFA Brigade on Facebook for more information, or contact the station on 5428 2596 if you have any questions.

Fire Fighter Sandra Barrotta

Grassfires – Don’t get caught out

Grassfires – Don’t get caught out

Grassfires can start anywhere and spread quickly.

Reduce your risk when it’s safe to do so. Slash, mow, graze and spray grass near your home and assets, and create fuel breaks. Take care when using chainsaws, lawnmowers, tractors, welders and other machinery on warm days – they can all start fires accidentally.

If you’re caught in a grassfire move to somewhere with minimal vegetation, such as a ploughed or well-grazed paddock. If you’re caught in a car, don’t get out and run. Tightly close windows and doors, cover up with woollen blankets, get down below window level, shut all vents, and turn the engine off. Check your Fire Danger Rating daily and check your Total Fire Ban status on warm days.


Understanding rural grassfire risk

  • Grassfires can start and spread quickly and are extremely dangerous.
  • Grassfires can travel up to 25 km per hour and pulse even faster over short distances.
  • Grass is a fine fuel and burns faster than bush or forests.
  • Grassfires tend to be less intense and produce fewer embers than bushfires, but still generate enormous amounts of radiant heat.
  • The taller and drier the grass, the more intensely it will burn.
  • The shorter the grass, the lower the flame height and the easier the fire will be to control.
  • Short grass (under 10cm) is a much lower risk.
  • Grassfires can start earlier in the day than bushfires, because grass dries out more quickly when temperatures are high.
  • Living in a grassland area with dried-out brown or golden-coloured grass that is over 10cm high is a fire risk. There are some exceptions, such as Phalaris grass, which will burn even when green.

For more information on how to manage your risk and what to do if caught in a grassfire please see



Christmas Eve Santa Run 2016

Christmas Eve Santa Run 2016

Xmas 2012_editThe annual Gisborne Fire Brigade Christmas Eve Santa Run is here for 2016. Our 100% Volunteer brigade members take delight in helping Santa around Gisborne every year. While we try to cover as much as the town as possible, you may notice some changes from previous years. The town has grown and changed, and we’re asking for your help in getting to as many people by bringing them to Santa this year. Look for the closest point that Santa will be traveling to you. Your safety is important to us, and we would prefer that everyone is gathered in a place near the road (not on the road!) and that all children have adult supervision.

When: the evening of Christmas Eve, December 24 2016

AREA 1New Gisborne

* Start station road side road

* Proceed to Early Street

* Continue along Early st/ Chessy Park drive

* Turn left into Darley Crescent

* Turn left again into Chessy park drive

* Travel down station road until Farrell Street

* Follow Farrell Street to Saunders Road

* turn left towards Vernon Cresent

* Follow Vernon Cresent around to Mt Vista Close

* return to Saunders road, then Station Road.


Gisborne area 2

* From station road turn left into Watt Street follow until Swinburne Ave

* Turn left into Swinburne Ave

* Turn left into Skyline Drive and follow around until the road intersects with its self

* Turn right in to Omerod Court

* Continue along Cherry Lane until station road. Turn right and head back into Gisborne

* At Frith Road turn right

* Follow Frith Road around until it ends.

Return to fire station for break

AREA 3Gisborne 3

* From the station turn left onto Robertson rd. follow Robertson Rd/ Bacchus Marsh road until Mulguthrie Way

* Turn left into Mulguthrie way and follow

* Turn left into Dumbarton way and follow to Mulguthrie way

* Turn left and head towards Hamilton Street.

* In Hamilton Street turn right into Turangura rd.

* Turn left at Fisher Street

* Follow Fisher St until Aitken St.

* Turn right at Aitken Street and head towards Dalton St

* Turn right into Dalton St and follow around

* Head towards the willows.

AREA 4Gisborne 4

* Travel down Willowbank Rd

* Turn right into Mt Gisborne Road

* Turn right into Carinya Drive

* Follow around Carinya/ Wyralla cresent

* Turn left into Mt Gisborne Road

* Turn right into Jonathan road

* Turn left into brooking road

* Turn left into Gordon Bvd

* Turn right into coop drive

* Turn left into Tasman road / child Harold road

* Turn left into Willowbank road

* Turn left into Brady road

* Turn right into Parkview Street

* Turn left into Willowbank road

Return to station for break

AREA 5Gisborne 5

* From Kilmore Road turn left into the Boulevard

* Turn left into Hilltop Way

* Turn left into Landscape Close and proceed to the park area at the end of the street.


There may be some delay in this area as it will be the only stop on this side of Kilmore road

* Return to Kilmore road turn left

* At the roundabout at mountain view way turn right


* Santa to proceed the intersection of Cassandra place

* Turn around and proceed back around to Olivia ct

AREA 6Gisborne 6

* From Aitken st turnleft into fersfield road

* Turn left into Worcester road

* Turn right into howey st

* Turn left into keily road

* Turn left into fersfield road

* Turn left into sheedy road.

* At Howey Street the run is completed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this route, however we are trying to fit as many people as we can, with a route that will service us for the foreseeable future. Please keep an eye on the Gisborne Fire Brigade Facebook page for live updates as we progress through the town

November update: Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2016-17

November update: Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2016-17

update_southern_australia_bushfire_outlook_2016-17_high_res_crop_0"Following on from a wet winter across large parts of southern Australia (the second wettest winter on record for the country), September saw further rainfall, with more records broken in parts of central and western New South Wales, western Victoria, eastern South Australia and western Queensland. With this in mind, the bushfire seasonal outlook has been re-examined.

Further rainfall is expected to be average to below average in most areas, and when this is coupled with summer temperatures that are forecast to be average to above average, more areas are now expected to experience above normal fire conditions. This increase in fire potential is predominantly in grassland areas of Victoria and New South Wales, with above average rainfall leading to ideal growing conditions. As temperatures warm, this grass will dry, increasing the risk. "

For more information, please see the Bushfire CRC web page.

Have you begun your preparations for this fire season?

Emergency information delivered to you

Emergency information delivered to you

The new app replaces FireReady and brings together emergency information and warnings from all Victoria’s emergency services, including CFA, MFB, SES, Life Saving Victoria, Department of Economic Development and Transport and Resources, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Victorian communities can now access all our emergency information and warnings through the one, centralised location. The new app can be accessed on most mobile phones and tablets, and similar to FireReady it provides targeted warnings and notifications for specific locations which are called ‘watch zones’. Users can create up to 20 watch zones that are tailored to areas relevant for them.

To update FireReady to VicEmergency please visit you app store on your device, and follow the prompts to update the app.  New users will be able to download the VicEmergency app from the App Store or Google Play.

The VicEmergency app brings together emergency information and warnings from agencies including:

  • Country Fire Authority
  • Department of Economic Development and Transport and Resources
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Life Saving Victoria
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • Victoria State Emergency Service.2016_10_03%20-%20vicemergency%20app

We also need to remind residents to always use more than one source of information and warnings this summer. This can include visiting the VicEmergency website, tuning into ABC local radio, calling the new VicEmergency Hotline (1800 226 226), or following CFA or VicEmergency on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information visit

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