“What is happening with the CFA?”

“Are you all going to be fired?”

“What will happen if there is an emergency?”

CFA Brigades and volunteers in the Macedon Ranges have been inundated with these sort of questions since the unfortunate battle between the CFA and the Victorian Government and Unions.

c4483ecee986f4ca6cf0f78839c21bcc_resized_dsa217721It is a shame that the situation has escalated to where our community is concerned as to whether their safety will be threatened. We would like to assure the Macedon Ranges communities that, despite the disturbing distraction, all CFA Brigades will be turning out as normal if there is an emergency and event. These include the Brigades in Bullengarook, Gisborne, Hesket-Kerrie, Macedon, Mt Macedon, Newham, Riddells Creek and Woodend.
We are totally committed to the safety of our communities and the volunteer service that has been provided by some brigades for more than 120 years.



1911743_10152276535980362_554329442_nWith all of the recent media coverage on the future of CFA volunteers, we were also amazed at some of the misconceptions that were held within the Macedon Ranges and surrounding communities. We were staggered to hear that some people believed that there were permanent paid firefighters at our local CFA Fire Brigades. This is not true. All Brigades in the Macedon Ranges are 100% volunteers. The nearest CFA Brigades with any permanent fire fighters are Sunbury, Caroline Springs and Melton.

Further to that people thought that the Captains and Lieutenants were receiving wages. Not true. Not one volunteer in the Macedon Ranges receives or has received any payment of wages for the time they give to their CFA duties. We also heard that we were reimbursed if we turned out to an incident. Again, not true. We are all volunteers who do what we do to provide an important service to our community. As do all members of CFA volunteer brigades throughout the state.

good fridayThere are more than 200 operative volunteer fire fighters in Macedon ranges, and we all give up our time, some of it considerable for some members, totally free. There are also many others who volunteer their time and services for various brigade and community work, also totally free. But all very rewarding.