Prepare and maintain your property

With the first major fire indicating that the fire season has well and truly started , preparing your property now is your best defense. 99475b7c6a11c7a0729ba5c65e699691_resize_d1a211824

Preparing yourself, your family and your property is your responsibility. Serious bushfires can occur in rural and suburban communities, with areas such as Gisborne, nestled between forest, suburbia and large grass areas at particular risk.

During a major bushfire, firefighters will be working to stop the fire. A fire truck and water bombing by aircraft cannot be guaranteed to defend your home during a bushfire. The more you prepare your property the better the chance it will survive a bushfire, even if you are not there. The majority of houses can survive most bushfires with planning and effort. A well prepared home will give you more protection if a fire threatens suddenly and you cannot leave.

c4483ecee986f4ca6cf0f78839c21bcc_resized_dsa217721If you have a  fire plan, practice it now, try it out in different circumstances (does the plan work at night and with the power off) and review your plan.

If you don’t have a fire plan, why not?