Extreme fire weather predicted

In an early start to the fire season, Tuesday is predicted to be hot and dry, with an extreme fire danger predicted in the north central region. Gisborne is in the Central region, with a severe rating. Predictions and explanations of the ratings can be found at http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/warnings-restrictions/total-fire-bans-and-ratings/.

Captain Sam of Gisborne CFA says “Never leave a burn-off unattended and check the weather forecast. You should never burn-off in hot, dry, or windy conditions. People need to do the right thing by checking conditions and registering their burn-offs with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority by calling 1800 668 511”. If a total fire ban is put in place, no burning off in the open air will be permitted.

If you see smoke and are concerned, please call the Bush-fire Information Line on 1800 240 667. If you can see flames and wish to report a fire, please call 000 immediately.