Annual Christmas Eve Santa Run

The Gisborne Fire brigade have been bringing Santa to the streets of Gisborne on Christmas Eve for over 30 years. The 100% volunteer brigade work hard to find ways to ensure the kids of Gisborne get to see Santa and get some lollies the day before Christmas.

With increasing time constraints on the busy Gisborne Fire Brigade Volunteers, difficulty in maneuvering our trucks safely in courts and other dead end roads with so many children who are keen to see Santa, and the rapidly expanding township area of Gisborne, we will not be travelling down courts with Santa.

For residents living in the areas of the Rosehill estate, and Gisborne Fields we will only be stopping at the following pre-determined locations;

  • CNR of Tovey Way and Rothschild Road near the park land for Gisborne Fields, and
  • CNR of Gordon Boulevard and Morand Street for Rosehill Estate

We will be starting at around 12:30pm at Chessy Park, keep an ear out for the sirens of our fire trucks that will be approximately 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the fire truck with Santa on board.

We will only be stopping near intersections where people are gathered, or on main roads where there are people gathered.

We would like to encourage everybody to gather in the safest possible location.

Due to this format for this event, Santa may arrive at your location, at a different time than last year.

A map showing the area of travel is available Santa Route Map. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for live updates to our progression. If you require any further information feel free to contact Firefighter Tom Ruff via the Gisborne Fire Brigade or leave your details to be contacted.