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Building for the future

N1505632_10152276535845362_2059951850_now that everything has settled down from the fire that   has burnt
approximately 2500 hectares from the Calder Fwy through to Riddells
Creek. The local fire crews will continue to patrol the perimeter of the burnt area to ensure it is safe. We would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to the community of Gisborne and surrounding areas.

1911743_10152276535980362_554329442_nAll the thank you letters, Facebook posts and sign-boards around town have been a massive moral boost for the members of the Gisborne Fire Brigade after a very busy and difficult few days. Thank you to everyone who has provided food and beverages to help feed not only Gisborne crews but firefighters, helicopter crews and support crews from surrounding
areas and interstate.

We have been overwhelmed with the community wanting to help in some way, one way you can help is by financial donations. As a 100% volunteer fire brigade we raise our funds through the community, and if it wasn’t for the community fund raising the Gisborne Fire Brigade would not have the fire trucks and equipment we have today.

1779102_10152276536075362_1093860014_nWe are always seeking improvements to how we can combat fires & emergencies safely and effectively and thus we still have items of equipment that we are currently seeking to acquire such as; reversing cameras for our vehicles, a water monitor for Tanker 1, eskys for each vehicle to keep our hydration drinks cool in the hot weather while on the fire ground, search and rescue torches for each of our breathing apparatus sets worn by our internal attack crews. That’s just a few items we have on our wish list.

So if you are able and willing to help us out please visit our  donations page or contact our secretary Ian Large during business hours on 54282596 or leave a
message. All donations are tax deductible.

Again thank you! From all at the Gisborne Fire Brigade.

Firefight enters third day

IMG_20140210_131904 IMG_20140201_210623 IMG_20140210_110509

With the firefight entering a third day in central Victoria, Gisborne Brigade is continuing to do all it can to support the fight. We have crews working around the clock in strike teams and crews dedicated for local response, people supporting the temporary air base over at Dixon’s field, along with all  the admin and paperwork that is needed to run the brigade in these times and all the people of Gisborne who stand behind us. A very special mention to all the members of the Brigade Management Team, who are always there when needed, and always supervise the crew change over, as well as often taking a leadership role on the fire ground. Captain Sam deserves a very special mention for many reasons. All our appliances have been drawn into the fight, and all the crews on them have earned their place. Many of our members have had a life altering experience, and if you know a CFA firefighter who has been involved in the fight, please be aware that we may not want to or be willing to discuss what happened just yet.

It’s important to not think that the threat has now passed. Much effort has been spent today and tomorrow ensuring that all hot spots are dealt with and cold. All the work put in does not mean that the fuel that is still unburnt in Macedon Ranges will remain unburnt. More importantly, if you have escaped the fire, NOW is the time to review your fire plan and consider your response to fire. Many more people are now aware of the phenomenal combination of power and unpredictability that a grass fire can bring. Has the last two days experience prompted YOU to reconsider your plans? If you’re thinking that a tidy up of your plan might be useful, please visit the CFA page with more information on building your fire plan.

Stay safe.

Warning issued for Gisborne South

Issued For: Gisborne South, Sunbury, The Gap
Fire Origin: GISBORNE
Incident Name: DALRYMPLE RD
Issued: 09/02/14 12:29 PM
This is an Emergency Warning issued by Country Fire Authority for Gisborne South, Sunbury, The Gap.
There is a fast moving, out of control grassfire travelling in a south south easterly direction from Dalrymple Road towards Mundy Road
Spotfires and Ember Attacks have been reported at Mundy Road
Residents along Mundy Road are in danger, act now to protect yourself.
The safest option is to take shelter indoors immediately.
The next update is expected by 09/02/14 2:00 PM or as the situation changes.

Strike teams respond to Kyneton

20140201_181249Trucks from Bullengarook, Hesket, Macedon, Riddles Creek, Woodend and a forward control vehicle from Gisborne all responded as part of strike team 0223 to Kyneton Saturday afternoon.

Just before 4pm on Saturday 1st Feb a smoke sighting was called in to Vic fire, first responding trucks from Kyneton quickly determined from the amount of smoke showing and current weather conditions to escalate the amount of fire trucks responding to 10.

The 10 hectare fire was brought under control with 17 trucks and a water bomber.

Crews remained on scene until 11pm Saturday night mopping up.20140201_172613