Gisborne crew set for Yaapeet

A composite crew from the Mt Macedon Group of Brigades, included members from Gisborne will meet at Bendigo Fire Station tomorrow to form a strike team to help with firefighting efforts in Yaapeet.
At this stage they will spend 3 days on the fire ground.
Relief crews maybe sent throughout the remainder of next week but we will keep you posted.
Also thanks to the Gisborne and wider community with your messages of gratitude and for those who have been dropping off fruit, icypoles, cakes and drinks. Including a box of freshly picked cherries from Mt Gisborne Cherries.
Good news for our local area though with much welcomed relief from the heat on it’s way.
Firefighters are still occupying the station and will continue to do so until approx 8pm or when the high fire risk decreases.
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