Christmas Eve Santa

Xmas 2012_editThe Gisborne Fire brigade has been bringing Santa to the streets of Gisborne on Christmas Eve for around 30 years now.

Due to an expanding township, ever changing OHS requirements, and increasing time constraints on the hard working volunteers of the Gisborne Fire Brigade, the Brigade this year will be introducing a change in the way they travel with Santa.

We are no longer permitted to travel with Santa on the back of our four wheel drive vehicle, and last year we found it quite difficult to manoeuvre our tankers safely in courts and other dead end roads.

Because of this reason we will no longer be travelling down courts with Santa. We will be starting at 1pm at Chessy Park, keep an ear out for the sirens of the fire trucks which will alert you to Santa’s arrival.

We will only be stopping at intersections where people are gathered, or on main roads where there are people gathered. Due to our new format for this event, Santa may arrive at your location, at a different time than normal.


We thank you for your understanding.