Fire Safe Kids

On a bitterly cold Thursday, a class of Prep students from St Bridgets primary school visited the Gisborne Fire Brigade.

Secertary Ian Large and Comms Officer Bevan Moody explained the importance of fire safety within the home, and showed them what they can do in the event of a fire. With the help of firefighters Jason Gruevski and Doug Peart this included “Get down low and go go go” and “Stop drop and role”.


A fire fighter also “donned” breathing apparatus to demonstrate that its not all that scary and that CFA are here to help.

“We visit schools and kindergardens quite regularly to build fire awareness and safety at a early age, which includes having an active fire plan and most importantly working smoke alarms” explained Ian Large.

But the highlight of the day for the kids was getting on the end of a hose and squirting some water.