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Calder Crash

Just after 8am yesterday (Sunday) morning Gisborne CFA were paged to a reported accident just south of the Melbourne Rd over pass, inbound on the Calder FWY.

Once on scene Incident Controller 1st Lieutenant Terry Borg noted that the driver was trapped and requested Gisborne SES to be responded for patient extraction.

The sole occupant of the vehicle, a male believed to be in his mid to late 20’s was trapped for 30mins while SES, CFA and ambulance crews worked to free him safely.

The driver is in a critical condition and had to be air lifted to hospital. The inbound lanes was closed to traffic for approx 45mins for the police air wing to land safely on the road surface.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.                 



Winter warning for drivers

Fire fighters warn that winter in the Macedon Ranges brings dangerous road conditions.

Gisborne CFA Comms Officer Bevan Moody says black ice is common in this area and it is a wake up call to drivers.

“It can be like driving on an ice skating rink with absolutely no control, and worst of all you don’t know it’s there until its too late”.

Black ice is invisible and caused when wet road surfaces freeze after temperatures drop below 0c. The most common places it forms are on bridges and overpasses as the cool air flowing underneath lowers the road temperature.

Emergency services are asking drivers to be aware of the conditions and take extra care on cold mornings.

“The peak time is usually an hour or so either side of sunrise on cold mornings- if the conditions are right, all hell can break loose. We have had mornings in the past where dozens of cars have crashed in the space of an hour”.

Roo Warning

Just before 3am yesterday (Sunday) morning Gisborne CFA were paged to assist with an accident when a vehicle left the road and rolled on to its roof.

The driver of a Toyota Landcruiser was transported to hospital with minor injuries after he swerved to miss a kangaroo and rolled the vehicle on Kilmore rd in Gisborne.

The driver managed to free himself and reported the incident to emergency services.

Gisborne Comms Officer Bevan Moody has warned drivers to be mindful of kangaroos along the roadside.

“In the past we have attended some serious accidents involving roos, if you notice kangaroos along the roadside slow down so you can stop safely if one decides to jump out in front of you and never swerve to avoid them as the consequences can be horrific. In this case the driver is extremely lucky to have walked away with only minor injuries”. he said.