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Gisborne does it again!

The Gisborne community again dug deep this year and raised a record $41,117.50 for the Good Friday RCH appeal of which the Gisborne Fire Brigade along with the Gisborne Scouts and Cubs raised $11,117.50.

Fireys and Scouts from Gisborne went to the streets door knocking just about every house hoping to get some coin to go towards life saving equipment for the Royal Childrens Hospital. 

With the great co-ordination of 4th Lieutenant Mark Carter both firefighters and scouts were able to cover all of Gisborne by late afternoon which showed in the amount of which the members collected by the end of the day.

Williamsons Foodworks raised a whopping $30,000 from both their Gisborne and Sunbury stores by donating all profits by opening both stores between 9am and 1pm on the day, all staff volunteered their time and all wages contributed to the over all amount raised.

This is the second year Williamsons Foodworks has opened the doors on Good Friday, last year raising $20,000.

Also a big thankyou to GISBUS who donated four of thier buses for the day to ferry firefighters and scouts around the township.

On behalf of the RCH appeal, Gisborne Fire Brigade would like to thank Williamsons Foodworks and the Gisborne Community for digging deep this year and beating last years effort in which we will strive to better for years to come.


Extinguisher training for Scouts

Last week the Gisborne Scouts and Cubs underwent training in the use of fire extinguishers. Firefighters explained why we have different types of extinguishers and how to use them correctly depending on what type of fire they are extinguishing. 

The night started off with a half hour theory session, then out side to the training area where the Scouts got to show us what they had learnt.

In the past we have done simalar sessions for school students and even teachers have had training in this area.




AAMI Fundraiser

On Thursday morning 3 members of the Brigade were sent on an arduous task – to taste and judge over 30 cakes and savoury dishes prepared by team members from the AAMI call centre in Goode Street, Gisborne.

Imagine a scene where all the competition entries were placed on a central table where our intrepid crew slaved away under the watchful eyes of at least 100 members of the Suncorp teams, each making sure that no special favours were given.

For just over an hour our poor hard working Members diced and sliced, tasted and tested, eventually choosing the three major prize winners.   The competition was so fierce that it was decided to award an additional five runner-up prizes which were generously supplied by Suncorp.

Fortunately the fire station is down the hill from the AAMI Call Centre building and our three Members managed a return to station somewhat fuller – and wiser – than when they left.

Our thanks go to Emma Moore from AAMI for arranging the event, to the teams that entered the competition and to all the many staff at Suncorp for their generosity.



Good Friday Appeal

Firefighters, Junior Firefighters and Scouts will again hit the streets of Gisborne this year to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Every year the Gisborne Fire Brigade works tirelessly with the Gisborne Scouts Club by working the CBD and door knocking homes to raise money for life saving equipment for the RCH.

“If you happen to be home this Good Friday, listen out for a knock on the door and give generously for this extremely important cause” said Comms Officer Bevan Moody.

“Each year we try and better our last, and with all proceeds going to the RCH, please dig deep and get Gisborne on the map this year!” Mr Moody added.

Good Friday is on the 29th March.