Slasher sparks blaze

Gisborne again was deployed as part of a strike team to Rochford, between Newham and Lancefield.

A tractor slashing grass in a paddock hit a rock, which caused a spark and ignited nearby grass.

Crew leader of Gisborne Tanker 1, Lieutenant Mark Carter said their strike team was concentrating on a area of trees and ensuring no hot spots were left behind.

“Our crew had the task of ‘blacking out’ and working along side a private tractor which was pushing over dangerous trees, not only so we could ensure all hot spots were extinguished but to also eliminate the risk of them falling” said Lt Carter.

The blaze was sparked at approx 3pm (23 Jan) and crews remained on scene well into the night in preparation for the increased fire risk today.

The fire burnt out approx 55 hectares.