Gisborne deployed to Wallan

Gisborne Tanker 1 was deployed as part of a strike team to help with firefighting efforts in Wallan yesterday.

“A strike team is made up of 5 trucks plus a car which is the strike team leader vehicle” explained Comms Officer Bevan Moody.

Brigade vehicles included in the strike team were Mt Macedon, Kyneton, Tylden, Riddells Creek, Gisborne  and Kyneton Group Car.

Smoke was sighted on Old Sydney Rd Wallan around 1:30pm on Monday 21 Jan close to where another fire had been the day before.

The initial response of tankers was upgraded to an additional 3 due to smoke being visible.

Several tankers protected a home and sheds in Old Sydney Rd near Rowes Lane as other crews with hand lines worked the surrounds. Once the Eriksson aircrane arrived and delivered several dumps directly at the head of the fire it slowed its progress down significantly.

As crews arrived another 10 tankers were called in with a request for air support as well. Wallan Quickfill set up at a nearby dam along with Tallarook and supplied water to tankers parked along Rowes Lane. Heavy machinery was used to drop dangerous trees and clear areas.

Kilmore ICC was activated and operated with crews onscene. Multiple calls were received as the smoke was quite visible in the surrounding area but it was contained to the one fire. A trailer full of rerefridgerated water stoodby onscene to help with hydration for crews.

At one stage there was a concern the fire might head towards homes in Taylors Lane Wallan but fortunately this didn’t eventuate. Crews worked all through the night to ensure all embers were taken care of.

Police are investigating the cause of the fire.