Gisborne CFA + Good Friday Appeal = Maximum fun!

Firefighters, Junior Firefighters and Scouts will again hit the streets of Gisborne this year to raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Every year the Gisborne Fire Brigade works tirelessly with the Gisborne Scouts Club by working the CBD and door knocking homes to raise money for life saving … Continue reading

Red Balloon Day

Rob Mitchell MP recently visited the crew at Gisborne CFA to present a brand new Australian National Flag, as well as deliver some ‘Thank you Fireys’ balloons to promote National Red Balloon Day. National Red Balloon Day is February 28. It is a day when the entire community joins together … Continue reading

Helping kids learn

            Last Wednesday Members of the Gisborne Fire Brigade visited the Good Start Early Learning Centre in New Gisborne. Lieutenant Bevan Moody, who Manages Community Engagement for the Brigade, said that visiting schools and Kindergartens is an integral part of CFA’s service to the community. … Continue reading

Not sure if that is smoke from a fire or a planned burn off? Call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line (VBIL): 1800 240 667

Before Burning Off

Burning off grass, stubble, weeds, undergrowth or other vegetation is generally permitted outside the Fire Danger Period. Macedon Ranges Shire Council has local laws on burn-offs that apply year-round. Please check the councils website for more information, or contact the council directly.

Fires in your home

CFA attends more than 2,000 house fires every year. Learn how to keep your home safe this winter.

Current Incidents

A state wide map and list of incidents are available here. It's important to not just have one source of information, and to listen to your local emergency services broadcaster (ABC 774 has the most reliable reception in Gisborne). if you are at all unsure if you can stay or go, GO.

Plan and Prepare

Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world. Understanding your level of risk is the first step in developing your Grass and Bushfire Survival Plan.
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